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#BAS2020 - IT Architect, Application Architect

Date: 29-Mar-2021

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel Group

• Lead a team of 2-4 engineers

• Design and solution Cloud Technology for our clients
• Responsible to process architect and deliver implementation with DevOps and Automation tools (E.g. Selenium, Bamboo, Jenkins, Github, Jira, etc).
• Responsible to implement Agile and Waterfall methodologies with tool chains supporting the methodologies.
• Problem solver with ability to see things in multiple angles, constantly challenge the norm and constantly looking for better solutions to problems
• Independent team member being able to make judgements calls in a fast changing environment with limited or ambiguous information.


Ideal candidate should possess/ experience in:

  • CI/CD Tools like CA, Jenkins, TFS, Bamboo.
  • Configuration on project development pipeline.
  • Scripts (batch or shell) to perform automation on deployment.
  • Knowledge in Debugging and tracing errors on the system on development environment, test environment or production/staging environment.
  • Knowledge on Quality Tools and Management tools like Sonar and Jira
  • Build codes using npm, grunt, ant and maven or .net equivalent tools like msbuild.
  • Knowledgeable in Unix/Linux or Windows Operating System
  • Knowledge on Repository tools like Git, SVN, TFS, etc…
  • Basic network security/ Hardeniing.
  • Knowledgeable on any of the cloud environments / Platforms like AWS, Azure, G-Cloud.
  • Experience on either container technology with orchestration or microservices. (e.g. Kubernetes, Openshift, EKS, ACS, ECR)
  • Configuration tools like Ansible, puppet or chef.io
  • Cloud technology knowledge and manages service like Codebuild, codepipeline, codecommit, x-ray, EKS, AKS, EC2, VPC, VNET
  • change management