Senior Manager, Group Risk Management

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Date: 10-Oct-2018

Location: Singapore, Singapore








  • Establish and maintain risk management policies and guidelines which encapsulate the risk philosophy, appetite and tolerance of the Board, the risk definitions / categories, the risk management methodology and approach, and risk management accountabilities
  • Facilitate risk awareness programme and sharing of risk learnings across the Group
  • Assist in collation and / or preparation of reports and presentations to the Risk Management Committee (RMC) and the Board / Risk Committee (RC) on material matters, findings and recommendations pertaining to risk management. These include CEO risk reports and dashboards, risk tolerance compliance reports, and other risk reporting / escalations
  • Act as secretariat for the RC and RMC
  • Key liaison with other risk management working committees secretaries to facilitate reporting of the working committees to the RMC
  • Develop the Group’s insurance strategy (policies, coverage, limits, deductibles, exclusions, etc.) with a view to maintain competitive premiums (and brokerage fees / commissions) and adequate coverage of the Group’s risks in the light of the changing risk profile of the Group. In addition, the role is required to work with business units and functions to ensure appropriate risk mitigating measures (especially those which will improve our loss ratio and reduce insurance premium costs) are put in place. In areas where the Group’s strategy is self-insurance, the role is expected to consider the proper execution of such strategy through the utilization of any captive insurance vehicle and / or other mechanisms. 
  • With the support of professional brokers (appointed through tenders or otherwise), lead in the arrangement of new policies and renewal of expiring policies by ensuring the requisite information declarations and reviews / analysis needed by the insurers. 
  • Ensure prompt notification / submission and regular follow-up of claims made to the insurers, to mitigate the financial loss and costs suffered through any claimable incidents.
  • Provide expert advice and opinion on insurance matters
  • Report to the Risk Management Committee and the Board / Risk Committee on material matters, findings and recommendations pertaining to insurance
  • Participate in relevant risk management subcommittees or discussions
  • Manage / conduct any insurance and risk related assessments (e.g. Enterprise Risk Reviews) together with Business Continuity Management resources / functions


The ideal candidate should have/ be:


  • Bachelor degree from an established university
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills, able to organize, summarize and present complex information
  • Team player with positive attitude
  • Highly driven, independent and resilient
  • Versatile and mature, with strong stakeholder management skills
  • Enjoy working in a dynamic and fast paced environment
  • Good communication and presentation skills

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