Infra Engr, Infra Hybrid IT 1

Date: 30 Jun 2024

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel Group

Primary Purpose
The Cloud Engineer is responsible to develop cloud software based on design requirements and ensure software and subroutines are working to specification, program codes have conformed to standards and are delivered with quality meeting schedule and requirements.



  • Experience in Design and building AWS Cloud platform
  • Engineer and integrate cloud solutions & services to industry best practice with scalability, fault tolerance, highly resilient, highly secure, observability, and simplicity in mind
  • Run proof of concepts for new cloud services or cloud third party tooling
  • Devise innovative ideas for solving hard technical problems involving distributed systems, scale and security and translate these ideas into designs and implementation
  • Work with peers to refine the cloud strategy, cloud adoption plan & cloud migration plan
  • Work closely with development teams to help them through the cloud journey, evaluate and identify new cloud service requirements, and engineer and implement globally Identify, triage, and constantly automate and evolve the platform by pushing for change that improves reliability, operability and developer experience
  • Every week solve exciting new challenges with an amazing team and technology stack
  • Employ exceptional problem-solving skills, with the ability to see and solve issues before they affect business productivity
  • Engineer solutions that are fully automated using infrastructure-as-code and integrated in the CI/CD tools



  • Adopt Cloud standards and methodology in implementation.
  • Share knowledge within or other NCS teams
  • Participate in peer reviews to improve project quality



  • At least 3+ years of relevant experience on cloud engineering
  • AWS/Azure Cloud Certifications at Associate, expert or specialty level
  • Experience with AWS/Azure, designing, engineering, and implementing cloud solutions and services
  • Experience of cloud transformation & change programs across technology organizations
  • Experience across the infrastructure stack with Windows, Linux, environments as well as Storage, Database and Networking.
  • Experience with modern DevOps tooling (e.g., GIT, AWS DevOps, Terraform, AWS ARM, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Deep understanding of PaaS, Infra-as-Code, Compliance-as-Code, and when/how to use & enable Experience with modern engineering and agile practices as well as shift left CI/CD
  • Able to document the technical architecture using servers and network diagrams
  • Possess clear understanding of the Development/SIT/UAT/Production environment requirements
  • Troubleshoot network related problems
  • Understand the concept of web-based application's 3 tiers architecture
  • Solid interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to self-manage