Infra Engr, Infra Hybrid IT

Date: 18 Feb 2024

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel Group


  • Assess & implement SR/CR within the stipulated SLA
  • Provide supporting documentation, reports, and other information to management
  • Support and verify the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs.
  • Shall ensure that the System Software, inclusive of operating system, its associated system software and all attached components are operational at all times
  • Assist in problem/incident resolution and determination
  • Shall work with equipment vendors, service providers, system integrators and any necessary parties to analyse, troubleshoot and resolve all system-related problems so as to restore the system to operational ready state
  • Shall promptly notify the Customer of any new vulnerability released by equipment /software vendors or any security advisory that affects the Customer system
  • Shall obtain the updates and patches for all vulnerabilities from the equipment /software vendors and ensure that these updates/patches are tested and implement them on the affected system upon the Customer’s approval and time stipulated by the Customer
  • 24x7 Standby Support required 
  • Expected to work during off-peak hours on scheduled system activities



  • At least 2 Years of experience in operations comprising of server management, virtualization and patch management 
  • Specialization in Wintel operation system platforms
  • Knowledge and experience in patch management tools such as Bigfix and Intune. 
  • Knowledge and experience in Windows Server OS administration such as Active Directory, DNS, Databases (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL), security configuration and patching, and Backup/Restore
  • Knowledge and experience in Hypervisor, MS Windows technologies, AD, clustering, remote tools, Patch Management tools (Bigfix / Intune)
  • Understanding of orchestration and automation methodologies pertaining to the specific needs of service provider environments.
  • High level understanding of various complementing technologies including Security / Fault / Monitoring / Patch management / Networking / ITIL / Business Continuity Planning / Database.