Intellectual Property Manager

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Date: 31-Jan-2019

Location: Singapore, Singapore

NCS’ strategic intention is to develop a rich portfolio of intellectual property (IPs) to embed into NCS products & create the needed competitive differentiators.


Together with Director IP Management, this role supports the development and execute the Company’s intellectual property strategy.  The successful candidate must possess:

  1. Good technical foundation to be able to appreciate the technical complexities of the IP;
  2. Very good stakeholder management skills, especially in engaging engineers, scientists and senior management.
  3. Big picture thinking and business sense.
  4. Familiar with IP filing & regulations.
  5. Good appreciation of legal systems & processes.

The successful candidate will be support the driving of enterprise-wide initiatives around patents, trademarks and copyrights.


It will be ideal for the IP Manager to support NCS Senior Management team in developing and executing long term IT strategic plans around monetization of IP, processes, governance strategies & policies.




  1. Actively solicit for Technical Disclosures submission from various NCS teams, with the intent to file for patents;
  2. Facilitate the reviews of Technical Disclosures, with the panel of experts, with the intent to file for patents;
  3. Working with Singtel/NCS Legal Counsels and external patent lawyers to prepare, file and defend domestic and foreign applications of patents and trademarks.  This includes facilitating and reviewing of arguments with the relevant NCS Staff and Legal Counsels;
  4. Provide guidance to senior management on licensing and business transactions involving intellectual property;
  5. Actively pursue the enlarged usage of the patents, within the Company as well as external licensing to partners, to enhance the Company’s business values;
  6. Provide periodic training to colleagues regarding the protection of intellectual property.
  7. Familiar in working in “virtual teams” and individual contributor role.





  1. Bachelor’s degree in business, science, engineering or related field and at least one year in technology transfer, including experience in intellectual property protection and commercializing technology.
  2. At least 3 – 5 yrs work experience
  3. Working knowledge of Singapore laws regarding technology transfer and intellectual property.
  4. Understanding of technology commercialisation processes.
  5. Proficient in both English & Chinese.

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