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International Group - Legal & Contracts Manager (1 year agency contract)

Date: 15-Aug-2019

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel


  1. Merchant Contract Management:
    1. Assisting with any amendments/negotiations to the Standard Merchant Contract Terms. Checking with the relevant Policies and Stakeholders to ensure any contract to be signed between Merchant and Dash is in line with Singtel Policy and/or accepted by the BU.
    2. Liaising with Relevant Stakeholders (Credit Management, Regulatory and BD Management) to ensure a Merchant is on-boarded swiftly and in accordance with the law.
    3. To be able to account where a Merchant is at in the on-boarding process and taking the necessary steps to ensure there is progress for any Merchant.
    4. To Keep a Record and reference table which provides instant information on key details of every Merchant contract.
    5. To constantly improve on the speed and efficiency of the Merchant onboarding process (from a contractual and regulatory aspect)
    6. To archive all Merchant Contracts and Dash contracts signed, for easy future references


  1. Drafting of Promo T&Cs:
    1. To assist in drafting all Dash-fronted Promotion T&Cs


  1. Drafting and amending Standard Singtel Agreements:
    1. To assist in drafting and amending standard Singtel Agreements like MOUs, NDAs, LOIs, etc.


  1. Vetting Miscellaneous Legal Agreements with Dash (excluding VIA-related agreement):
    1. To vet all legal agreements to be signed by Dash and to ensure that the agreements are in line with Singtel Policy.
    2. Where Agreements are not in line with Policy, to advice BU to renegotiate or alternatively, to raise a Deviation Paper to inform Singtel that the BU is making a conscious decision to deviate from standard Singtel Policies


  1. Assisting BU  with Vetting/Amending drafting GMSA, SSA and  SOWs
    1. Where it is determined that an GMSA or SSA is required to manage a certain relationship with a Third Party, Contract Manager would have to work with BU to draft/amend such GMSA + SOWs


  1. Work Closely with Regulatory Team to Ensure Compliance of BU operations and  contracts
    1. Where contracts or operations involved any changes or updates due to Regulatory/Compliance needs, Contract Manager shall ensure that such changes are being made
    2. Contract Manager is in charge of reporting to Regulatory of such changes.


  1. Work Closely with Legal Team with the drafting of Bespoke Agreements
    1. To assist legal team in the drafting of new contracts to be used between Dash and other Companies