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Java Developer (IoT)

Date: 01-Jun-2019

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel

What does a Java Developer do in IoT business? Do you want to find out more?


If you are someone who likes programming and gaining insight to overall architecture and software development across IoT platform and application suite, you are a step closer to finding out more. In this position you will work with different development, business and product teams to:


  • Contribute to software development and associated new technology selection and adoption, focusing on areas such as big data, machine learning, auto scaling micro-services exclusive to Internet of Things
  • Work on architecture and design across platform components and application
  • Participate on common platform functionality, and consistent, best-practice application design
  • Participate on the move to full SaaS deployment and management
  • Contribute technical initiative
  • Leverage IoT and big data management components
  • Evangelize the platform for use
  • Interact with implementation partners and customers to understand their needs
  • Participate in technical partnership conversations and due diligence.


What we’re looking for...

You embrace failure for the learning it provides. You can inspire and motivate others to deliver your vision. You view obstacles as puzzles to be solved. You are driven by the desire to delight your ultimate client, the customer.


The ideal candidate should possess


  • Experience designing and developing complex, enterprise grade, configurable, scalable software products
  • A background in systems level thinking and design, combined with the ability to translate technical strategy and architectures into concrete, minimal viable products, with the right trade-offs and phasing
  • Broad and deep knowledge of relevant technologies, including messaging, relational and NoSQL databases, data modelling, analytics, IoT, and interfaces
  • Exposure and experience with Artificial intelligence
  • Understanding of the architectural principles for cloud based platforms that include SaaS, PaaS, multi-tenancy, infrastructure as code, and continuous availability.
  • Experience working in an agile environment
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively across various cross-functional teams and groups
  • Proficiency in the following programming skills
    • Java (J2EE and J2SE 1.8 r higher)
    • Pythn or Scala
    • Cassandra, MngoDB and Elasticsearch
    • GIT, Maven
    • JIRA
    • Kafka, Any Pub/Sub library
    • Dcker, Jenkins
    • Kubernetes
    • MLib, DL4J, H20, Tensrflow
    • Spark (Cre and Streaming)
    • HDFS

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