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Building Infrastructure Engineering Senior Project Manager (Design - Mechanical Services)

Date: 17-Jun-2022

Location: Macquarie Park, Australia

Company: Singtel Group


Job Summary


The installed infrastructure services supporting the Optus technical facilities are under continuous demand to meet current needs and to evolve to support future demands.  The business unit, Building Infrastructure Engineering, is primarily focused on meeting current and forecast space, power and cooling needs within the Optus Technical Facilities.  The team, Building Engineering Project Management, is tasked with delivering short, medium and long term infrastructure in a timely and cost effective manner that adequately support the business requirements.


Key Responsibilities

Role responsibilities and key accountabilities include:

  • Technical Facilities Strategic Plan
  • Identify, define and prioritise infrastructure deficiencies.
  • Develop potential solutions for consideration and approval.
  • Contribute to developing a three year plan to deliver adequate and reliable infrastructure that meets capacity, redundancy and resilience required to support Optus technical facilities.
  • Maintain the plan to ensure the Optus Technical Facilities are meeting future demands.
  • Prioritise the implementation of the plan to best address most critical requirements whilst operating within resource and funding constraints.
  • Translate business needs into a plan for providing the required infrastructure.
  • Ensure forecasts include plant life cycle analysis with end of life equipment captured for replacement prior to irreparable failure.
  • Incorporate energy efficient considerations as part of potential solutions.
  • Assist in developing supporting documentation and presentations outlining the strategic approach for acceptance by management.
  • Develop measuring and reporting tools to support infrastructure deficiency identification and solution implementation.
  • Concept Development and Services Design
  • Identify solutions to address assessed deficiencies or customer demands requiring alterations to the infrastructure services.
  • Analyse facility capacity in light of planning data, forecasts in order to define and support proposed solutions project scope.
  • Conduct reviews of existing building systems and facility operational requirements to support proposed solutions project scope.
  • Develop technical design, scope or instructions for Building Infrastructure Engineering projects including the preparation of a detailed brief, drawings and specifications and not requiring an external design architect, engineer or consultant.
  • Appoint and brief external design architect, engineer or consultant where project scope justifies.
  • Apply technical knowledge in critically assessing user briefs in respect of power and heat densities.
  • Compile project briefs comprising detailed requirements for facility services upgrades, expansions and modifications.
  • Ensure design documentation complies with Optus defined standards, applicable Australian Standards, building codes, legislation and industry electrical, fire and safety regulations.
  • Produce supporting business cases for consideration, acceptance and approval by management.
  • Lead strategic procurement activities to support flexible, innovative and targeted exercises to support plan implementation.


Experience and Qualifications


  • Tertiary qualifications relevant to the Mechanical Design and Engineering for Critical Facilities infrastructure.
  • Strategic thinker with strong business acumen. Able to independently formulate and present credible business plans.
  • Minimum experience of 15 years within infrastructure, building construction and services projects.
  • Proven commercial management and sourcing skills with CAPEX budgets of $2M.
  • Knowledge of Risk Management procedures.
  • Experience in formulating engineering standards.
  • Proven ability to exercise independent judgment, set direction and lead diverse project teams.
  • Proven ability to positively manage employee, contractor and consultant relations in a mutually beneficial manner.
  • Experience in the design requirements for electrical, fire, plumbing and building structural infrastructure related to a critical technical facility, telephone exchange or data centre environment.
  • Advanced computer skills/ Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, etc).


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