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Manager, Process & Content

Date: 04-Feb-2023

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel Group

At Singtel, we believe in the strength of a vibrant, diverse and inclusive workforce where backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences of our people help us innovate and create strong connections with our customers. We strive to ensure all our people practices are non-discriminatory and provide a fair, performance-based work culture that is diverse, inclusive and collaborative. 

Join us and experience what it’s like to be with an Employer of Choice*. Together, let’s create a brighter digital future for all. *Awarded at the HR Fest Awards 2020.


Process and content are a strategic team responsible for design and map out the end-to-end customer related flow and processes.


They are also responsible for the design of the AI chat bot conversation flow, internal knowledge portal and customer self-help content in the


This team also accountable for the implementation of strategic project delivery and business continuity planning for the customer fronting teams.


This position is focuses on the content management and the design of the AI chatbot conversation flow.


The content management include the internal knowledge portal that is used by > 1K of customer fronting staff of all touchpoints. And customer self-help content that exceeds million page view annually.


The design of the AI chatbot conversation flow include both Shirley (singtel ) and Zenmo (Gomo) The above is to ensure the contact rate, first contact resolution and the handling time is within the business projection and planning.


Internal Knowledge portal Responsibility includes –

CCO usage - Engage regularly with users (eg operation managers) and manage content providers (Marketing, product) to the content provided meet the needs of the frontline.

- Average Handling Time - Design and maintain a consistent information layout, structure, and navigation experience for the frontline.

- First contact resolution

- Ongoing tunning of the search accuracy, up to date content and ease of accessing popular/hot issue.


AI chatbot conversational flow Responsibility includes

- Transaction volume: Design different conversation flows (guided / non guided) to ensure high adoption and the usage rate of the AI chatbot.

- Deflection rate: Investigate and ongoing tunning of the non-deflected calls to ensure ease of understand the intent quicker and resolution clearer.

- Customer experience score: Right balance the user emotional vs persistence to resolve to achieve the desired customer experience score.


Public Self-help content Responsibility

- Work with Product and marketing in maintaining the up-to-date self-help content for customers.

- Coordinate with different digital platform owner to seamlessly maintain single source of self-help content and information.

- Regular refresh of the information content based on the top clicks and usages.


People management Responsibility includes,

- Build and maintain a conducive and healthy work environment by establishing, following, and enforcing work process, procedures, and performance reporting.

- Guide and mentor team member to deliver the desired result by communicating job expectations, planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.

- Provide escalation support, priorisation and decision making on their day-to-day activities and tasks.


Other activities

- Regular engagement with other function units to understand the trending in both internally and externally.

- Understand the market best practice, customer trending and tools available in the market.

- Initiative ad-hoc research, benchmarking study or mystery calls

- Support in implementation roll out of strategic, department project and initiatives



  • Degree and above (Hospitality, business or Engineering preferred)

  • At least 1 year of experience in Project Management or customer fronting roles

  • Good to be Certified Project management (PMP) or process improvement framework (eg Lean Six sigma, COPC, ITIL)

  • Experienced in developing infographics, video editing application and story boarding

  • Good understanding in automation technology (RPA, AI Chatbot) and reporting tools (Tableau)