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NEXT Digital: Data Analytics Solution Architect

Date: 26-Jul-2022

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel Group

NCS is looking for a Data Analytics Solution Architect to identify and translate our clients’ business strategy and requirements into solutions underpinned by Data & Analytics. You will need to be an expert in selecting the optimal architecture and delivery approach that will service clients’ needs with a balance of costs, capability, and risks to achieve the business outcomes.   

The scope of solutions can include, diverse data (including IOT) and advanced analytics capabilities, such as data engineering, data modeling, machine learning and data visualization utilizing various tools and technologies. 

To support this, you may also need to establish data management processes such as data security, privacy classification and advise our clients on the collection, storage and consumption of information in their organisations. 


Key Responsibilities 


  • Identify opportunities to engage prospective and existing clients on Data & Analytics solutions 
  • Translate business requirements to technical solutions leveraging strong business acumen.  
  • Analyse current business practice, processes, and procedures as well as identifying future business opportunities for leveraging Data & Analytics solutions on various platforms 
  • Develop solution proposals that provide details of project scope, approach, deliverables and project timeline 
  • Develop pricing for the solution proposals 
  • Research and experiment new technologies and identify opportunities to include them into NCS’ portfolio of Data Analytics capabilities 
  • Develop new solutions and accelerators that help to deploy our Data Analytics services at scale 
  • Provide architectural expertise to sales, project and other analytics teams. 
  • Perform key management and thought leadership role in areas such as, but not limited to: Data Consulting, Data Governance, Data Management, Data Architecture, Data Science and Data Visualization 
  • Help develop playbooks, standardized framework, practice guides and other artefacts that will allow our practitioners perform their work in a structured, standard manner  
  • Identify risks, assumptions, and develop pricing estimates for the Data & Analytics solutions 
  • Provide solution oversight to delivery architects and teams 
  • Build and maintain relationships with principle vendors to ensure price guarantees and other enablement benefits 
  • Plan, design and setup Data Analytics platforms in customer data centres or on the cloud 
  • Design and implement relevant data models in Big Data and NoSQL platforms  
  • Architect data pipelines to bring information from source systems, harmonise and cleanse data to support analytics initiatives for core business metrics and performance trends 
  • Work closely with project manager and technical leads to provide regular status reporting and support them to refine issues/problem statements and propose/evaluate relevant analytics solutions 
  • Bring your experience and ideas to effective and innovative engineering, design and strategy 
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams that combine technical, business and data science competencies that deliver work in waterfall or agile software development lifecycle methodologies 
  • The range of accountability, responsibility and autonomy will depend on your experience and seniority, including: 
  • Contributing to our internal networks and special interest groups 
  • Mentoring to upskill peers and juniors 


The ideal candidate should be / possess:

  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in Computer science or equivalent 

  • At least 8 - 12 years of relevant experience
  • Prior experience building large scale enterprise data pipelines using commercial and/or open source Data Analytics platforms from vendors such as Cloudera, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, Teradata, Informatica, Talend, DataStax, Cassandra, applied onto high performing data warehouses, data lakes and data hubs 
  • Strong knowledge of data manipulation languages such as Spark, Scala, Impala, Hive SQL, Apache Nifi and Kafka necessary to build and maintain complex queries, streaming and real-time data pipelines in support of data fabric and data mesh data management approaches 

  • Data modelling and architecting skills including strong foundation in data warehousing concepts, data normalisation, and dimensional data modelling such as OLAP, or data vault 

  • Good appreciation and operational experience of infrastructure management and administrative tools and skillsets eg: Linux shells, Apache Ambari, YARN, to build scalable and resilient data platforms 

  • Good fundamentals around security integration including Kerberos authentication, SAML and data security and privacy such as data masking and tokenisation techniques 

  • Good appreciation of enterprise monitoring and capacity management tools to monitor and report on data and analytics platforms 

  • Good communications skills to understand our customers' core business objectives and build end-to-end data centric solutions to address them 

  • Good critical thinking and problem-solving abilities