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Operations and System Specialist

Date: 06-Apr-2019

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel

ISO Management Representative scope

  • Assume the MR role for ISO 9k & 20k and responsible for continuing assessment of ISO certification to ensure Management System processes are established, implemented and maintained.
  • Manage full spectrum of ISO with surveillance assessment audit, recertification audit, and transition cum conversion audit.
  • Plan and communicate ISO roadmap for surveillance and recertification audit, conducted briefings to guide and prepare the all stakeholders program and related activities prior to surveillance assessment.
  • Ensure delivery services are managed according to statutory and regulatory requirements and contractual obligations.
  • Lead the implementation and maintenance of ISO processes by respective stakeholders for GSP, TAC, IP Engineering, IPNS, Business Product, Service Management, Global Accounts, BOS, Information Security, CSS, FOB, GSD, RDC.
  • Site administration and managing the interface and maintaining the ISO9k and ISO20k portal and library of compliance resources including standards and guidance publication.


Preparation of meeting and documentations adherence

  • Prepare presentation slides for all ISO meeting and briefing.
  • Update roles & responsibilities of interested parties including process owners.
  • Maintain master list of ISO documents and records.
  • Review status of audit findings and corrective action for nonconformity
  • Provide documentation control, review ISO management service processes, workflows, policies and updates across all levels by target timeline.
  • Ensure all mandatory management reports, plans as required under the ISO procedures documentations are tracked and ensure on time delivery.
  • Update information security policy, cyber security policy, risk assessment and opportunities for improvement /continual improvement.
  • Review and update process metrics for performance monitoring.


Internal audit program

  • Plan and conduct internal audit exercise within the targeted timeframe to ensure that it conforms to standard requirement and organization own requirements.
  • Organize, assign roles, brief, onsite audit, collecting and verifying information, audit findings and reporting, compliances, awareness and guide internal auditors to perform ISO compliance internal audit program.
  • Prepare, compile and maintain manuals, procedures and other documents for efficient functioning of implemented management systems.
  • Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management and control processes.
  • Participate in auditor role, including sites/Exchanges audit.
  • Resolve issues or compliant arising from ISO team members on performance of service on ISO context as required, and follow-through for proper closures.
  • Conduct internal and external audit for RDC at KL site.


Management review meeting

  • Plan and conduct management review meeting as per ISO standard requirement for continued suitability and effectiveness, and also to assess the opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the management system, including the policy and objectives.
  • Report on how well the management system is working and where it is not from the data stabling process trends, include mandatory information to be reported under management review meeting requirements.
  • Work with process owner on data collection and analysis supported.
  • Follow up review of minutes of previous management review meeting and current status.
  • Review of internal audit results, customer feedback, performance measurements, improvements, changes identified, and follow up on documented improvements.


External audit assessment

  • Conduct pre-assessment briefing to the team for preparation of external audit; scope of certification and assessment, objectives, program outline, documentation and records.
  • Review audit and assessment results to identify trends and issues, perform root-cause analysis, develop recommendations for resolution and track effectiveness of remedies.
  • Co-ordinate external audits, including dealing with all enquiries and correspondence on management system related matters.
  • Follow up on post internal audit activities; best practices, internal audit status


Guidance and training

  • Provide advice to process owners and other service management staff on the awareness of and familiarity with the ISO9k and ISO20k standard.
  • Identify training needs and induct employees with appropriate training. Inducted employees need to be assessed as competent to perform tasks.
  • Provide guidance to the SMS procedure, document review form, CSI/SIP form, risk assessment from, IA report, etc.

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