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Enterprise Sales Executive, Cyber Security

Date: 22-Jun-2019

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel

Cyber product sales specialists can work with clients, sales staff and product development teams.


Their responsibilities is to serve as a conduit between those who create products and those who buy them. Their role commonly involves developing sales strategies, working to expand their customer base and maintaining business relationships with clients. They may work on the front lines as the public face of their company and spend a lot of time meeting with clients and potential clients. In addition, they can be involved in negotiating sales contracts and may also be responsible for teaching customers how to use the products that they've purchased.


These specialists may also meet with clients prior to a product's delivery and help establish their specific needs. They convey these requirements to their company so that they can ensure customer satisfaction. Their work can also involve market research and reviewing information to identify areas of potential sales growth. They may participate in setting goals, training other sales staff and developing tactics to achieve sales targets.


Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in client-facing account/sales


Job Skills/Experiences

  • Cyber/ICT trained or relevant experience in technology (ICT, Data Center, and Telco)
  • Business/Sales Operations relevant background preferred
  • In-depth experience and knowledge of the cyber security industry and marketplace
  • Teamwork skills, communication strengths, customer service skills, technical abilities, problem-solving skills, analytical strengths, organizational skills

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