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Consultant, IT Security

Date: 05-Nov-2022

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel Group



Develop and drive effective IT security compliance programs involving activities such as reviewing and developing security policies, processes/procedures and guidelines, establishing compliance with policies, conducting security reviews and audits, penetration tests, security assessment and cyber security incident management.

Duties & Responsibilities
• Review and development of security framework, information security policies, processes /
procedures and guidelines on an ongoing basis.
• Administer compliance with these policies / procedures through ongoing security reviews and audits, not limited to log analysis and security assessment of customer ICT systems
• To conduct security risk management exercise
• To manage vulnerability assessment
• To conduct information security awareness training
• Responsible for the development and management of customer’s security incident response
plan. To lead and support customer in the matters of security incident resolution and response.
• Point of contact to assist and advise customer for ICT security related matters

• Diploma or higher in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Systems
• Good working knowledge of security risk management, security governance framework and compliance (IT Security Audit / log review), technical vulnerability management
(Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration testing), application security, security technologies
(system hardening, IDS/IPS, firewall), security incident response and security assessment.
• Ability to correlate multiple events from different devices to identify abnormal behaviour
• Customer-focused with good interpersonal skills
• Team player and able to work independently
• At least 1 certifications from the following categories each: