Senior DevOps Engineer

Date: 22 Nov 2023

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel Group

At Singtel, we believe in the strength of a vibrant, diverse and inclusive workforce where backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences of our people help us innovate and create strong connections with our customers. We strive to ensure all our people practices are non-discriminatory and provide a fair, performance-based work culture that is diverse, inclusive and collaborative. 

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Singtel is at the leading edge of technology development to improve the experience of our customers as they consume services across mobile, voice and data infrastructure, managed services, cloud computing, IT services, and professional consulting. To support that journey, we are searching for top talent and have an exciting opportunity for a Senior DevOps Engineer to strengthen our team. 


We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer for our 5G Engineering team that has a relentless pursuit for excellence, is a great communicator, and can work with teams with various levels of experience to help create solutions to a wide range of problems.



  • Architect and automate the CI/CD production, staging and development pipelines 
  • Define new best practises and devOps standards as required.
  • Look for opportunities to optimize and enable consistent automated deployments.
  • Hands-on automation engineer with experience in creating Infrastructure as Code, automating application deployments, and working with vendor and hyper scalar APIs to automated deployments 
  • Create tools and scripts that help automate deployments
  • Direct project teams toward solutions that align with agreed guiding principles, strategy, architecture, and standards
  • Guiding multiple teams on how to automate application and infrastructure deployment
  • Serve as a leader and mentor for a team of engineers with a primary focus on automation
  • Embed security controls, implementation, and testing into the DevOps practices
  • Drive improvements for the design, development, and delivery of applications
  • Drive systems engineering design and recovery by eliminating manual involvement and leading continuous improvements that create an operating environment that includes dynamically  monitoring, alerting, and automated self-healing and recovery
  • Work with an automation first mindset and work to install that in others 
  • Utilize agile practices to ensure consistent and transparent execution.
  • Provide mentoring and knowledge transfer to others, and promote open culture and DevOps.
  • Manage and maintain the DevOps pipeline, and work with dev teams on a combined pipeline.
  • Lead technology evaluations and implementations to fill gaps in the Technology Architecture for software build, testing, deployment and scalability.
  • Monitor standards/policy compliance by developing and executing governance processes and tools.



  • 5 - 10 + years experience in the Information Technology field
  • Minimum of 3+ years of industry experience working with DevOps functions for complex systems. 
  • Strong Development background in one of the languages Clojure, Haskell, Rust, Go, Scala, Kotlin, C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, etc.
  • Have skilled knowledge and extensive experience with Cloud Technologies with one of the public cloud providers AWS, GCP, Azure.
  • Strong understanding on computer networking VPC, Subnets, VPN and network connectivity (TCP, UDP, ICMP), etc.
  • Experience in deploying IaC infrastructure as code with Pulumi or Terraform 
  • Possess solid and deep knowledge and experience with containers and containers orchestration and deployments tools like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Helm, Jsonnet,  Ksonnet, etc.
  • You have an aptitude and ability to build and maintain continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment/delivery (CD) systems for complex, distributed applications, using tools like GitHub Actions, Jenkins, CircleCi, Travis,, Spinnaker etc. 
  • Working experience in one of the configuration tools like Ansible, Salt, Chef and Puppet. 
  • State of the art experience diagnosing and debugging applications in complex, distributed heterogeneous computing environments. 
  • Mastery of essential development tools like GITand familiarity with collaboration tools such as Jira and Confluence or similar tools. 
  • Skills in API usage, command-line interface, and SDKs for writing applications 
  • Have networking experience and understanding of network protocols, DNS, VPN , and Load Balancing. 
  • Have API Gateway experience Nginx, Kong, APIGEE etc. 
  • Have extensive scripting experience in Shell (bash, zsh, csh, ksh), Python, Perl etc.
  • Experience in logging, monitoring, tracing with tools like Azure Monitor, Cloudwatch,  Zabbix, Elasticsearch/Kibana (ELK), Prometheus/Grafana,  New Relic, Data Dog, Dynatrace , etc. 
  • Good understanding of the DB technologies SQL and NOSQL such as MongoDB, DynamoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL.