Systems Engineer, C3

Date: 2 May 2024

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Company: Singtel Group

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NCS is the leading technology services firm, operating across Asia Pacific in over 20 cities, providing services and solutions in consulting, digital services, technology, and more.  We believe in utilizing the power of technology to make extraordinary things happen and to create lasting impact and value for our people, communities, and partners. Our diverse 12,000-strong workforce has delivered a wealth of large-scale, mission-critical, and multi-platform projects for governments and enterprises in Singapore and the APAC region. 


What we do:
We drive our passion for harnessing technology. 
We advance communities and transform industries. 
We are seeking an experienced and highly skilled Systems Engineer 
What we seek to accomplish together:

1.Perform site supervisor role 

  • To manage the necessary stakeholder for project activities. 
  • Conduct Installation, Commission, Integration & Testing activities on site.
  • Coordinate and conduct hardening servers and VATP.

2. Test, and implement systems in accordance with specifications and service level requirements, ensuring compliance with industry best practices. 

3.Manage systems changes using an established change request process, including assessing the impact, obtaining necessary approvals, and communicating status updates to multiple stakeholders.
4.Respond promptly to incidents, conducting thorough investigations, and providing timely temporary and/or permanent resolutions. 
5.Conduct root cause analysis for incidents and proactively implement measures to prevent recurrence. Continuously monitor the effectiveness of implemented measures and make adjustments as necessary.
6.Proactively monitor and measure the performance and availability of systems, using appropriate monitoring tools and methodologies. Identify and implement corrective actions to improve system performance and availability based on the findings.
7.Monitor and maintain agreed service levels, such as response times for service requests and system availability. Document and regularly update system configurations, and provide comprehensive reports to relevant parties on a regular basis.
8.Develop and implement comprehensive service continuity measures, including robust backup/restore procedures and disaster recovery plans, to ensure uninterrupted business operations in the event of a disruption.
9.Provide expert technical advice and guidance on systems to customers and project teams, assisting them in making informed decisions and resolving complex technical issues.
10.Manage the resources and schedule for system implementation and operation activities, ensuring optimal utilization and adherence to timelines.
11.Good to have troubleshooting skills and resolving issues related to PSIM (Physical Security Information System), CCTV surveillance systems, access control, alarm & intrusion systems, and network infrastructure. 
Good to have backend system configuration and setup skill sets & experience as below:

  • Perform CIS hardened for Window and Linux Server
  • Perform partition for Window and Linux Server
  • Perform configuration of linus server
  • User account with limited privilege (sudoers) 
  • SSH account (sshd_config)
  • Password control (chage/passwd)
  • Server restoration with REAR
  • Perform Bio configuration and update in offline environment 
  • Symantec Anti-virus update in offline environment
  • Update/upgrade of Linux OS (patches) in offline environment
  • Update/upgrade of application (ONMSi) in offline environment    Perform 
  • Perform basic computer and network maintenance 

A little about you

  • Nitec/Higher Nitec/diploma/degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, or Information Technology (IT) from a recognized institution
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, to effectively communicate with team members, clients, and stakeholders.
  • Ability to explain technical concepts clearly and concisely.


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